The method


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a unique movement system offering similar benefits also derived from yoga, tai chi, dance swimming and gymnastics. The movements are multi-dimensional, not just linear, combining stretching with power building in order to develop flexibility, strength and neuro-muscular co-ordination at the same time.

It is a system that works continuously on expansion and elongation, organising the skeleton, stimulating the nervous system, also promoting blood circulation and the flow of oxygen. It creates space in the large joints through circular articulation, and it strengthens the surrounding ligaments. The movements are inspired by nature: modeled on the cat and the dolphin, among others.

Each exercise is accompanied by a specific breathing pattern which is interrelated but most important and specific part of the system, is synchronized with the movement. The different breaths balance and harmonize the polarities of the energy system, refreshing the blood, clarifying the brain and boosting the nervous system.

All movements are performed on a cleverly devised machine that provides permanent and gentle resistance like water when swimming, but with a clear guidance. The equipment is built almost entirely from wood in sculpted shapes that reflect the natural flow of movements in the body. Because Gyrotonic equipment is highly adjustable, it can be adjusted to fit each persons unique physique and ability, adapting for things such as height, arm and leg length.

A unique repertoire of exercises is designed so as to create a system whereby in a logical, scientific, aesthetic and harmonious way. There is a basic syllabus of exercises on the equipment that once these preliminary exercises are fully accomplished and understood, there exists the potential for endless possibilities and combinations. A qualified  instructor makes a special program to accommodate specific needs of each person and this instructor is always available to give guidance through the exercises.

The GYROTONIC® method is a form of exercise that draws your attention inwards, it requires focus, calmness  and develops an awareness to connect mind and body.


The creator of the method

Juliu Horvath

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® was created by Juliu Horvath a Romanian man of Hungarian heritage. He was a swimmer and gymnast before becoming a professional ballet dancer. He moved to the U.S.A joining the New York City Opera and then the Houston Ballet.

Horvath tore his Achilles tendon and herniated a vertebral disk while dancing with the Houston Ballet. After these injuries that ended his dance career he moved back to New York for a short time and began regular practice of yoga. In an effort to rehabilitate his injuries he moved to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and devoted the next six years to intensive yoga and meditation practices. During this period of intense self study Horvath began to develop what was once called “Yoga for Dancers” and has since evolved into the GYROKINESIS® method. Later on he continued to refine the method and he developed the admin control panel method and made the first pieces of the Gyrotonic equipment.

“ The octopus, the monkey and the cat are my basic models because they can move in any direction at any given time with strength and control because they have no restrictions. The human body has restrictions but I can model the body – within the framework of its restrictions – to move in a similar way , to be free.”

“I want music in my body and poetry in my body, and I want to be skillful without struggle; it has to come without struggle.” – Juliu Horvath.


  • The circular movements open the joints and energy meridians
  • Increases your range of motion and improves coordination
  • Enhances focus and concentration
  • Stretches and strengthens muscles throughout the entire body
  • It’s ideal for people with problems in the back, shoulders and neck
  • It’s recommended for the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and the support of chronic conditions
  • Improves posture and gives a better understanding of the body and movement
  • Increases energy and diminishes tensions in the body
  • It helps sculpting the body and supports weight loss
  • Promotes a greater sense of well being



Who can benefit?

Additionally, being low impact, the system can be used by anyone no matter what their health considerations may be. The GYROTONIC® method is equally beneficial for the most advanced athlete working towards increasing strength and stamina as it is for the most frail person seeking for a healthy body. The system also spans the ages with programs suitable for children up to seniors. The equipment adapts to any length and width.

The system is equally effective as a fitness program or as a program for rehabilitation and prevention from injuries.

GYROTONIC® exercises benefit the widest range of people from athletes, dancers, musicians and actors to office and desk-workers, children, pregnant women, elderly, in fact, anyone who wants to improve their posture, mobility and sense of well-being.

Senior citizens benefit from this method as it strengthens bones and gives relief to stiff joints and arthritis


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